About Qwiddle

Qwiddle is an online piggybank for children. It helps your child learn how to manage their own pocket money in a more secure, fun and hands-on way. It's powered by PayPal and owned and controlled by you, so your child can't spend any money without your permission.
 And it's FREE*!

How does it work?

Qwiddle isn't a bank but an intelligent wrapper around a PayPal account whereby children can learn how to;

  1. Work together with their parents to generate great conversations at home about money
  2. Set goals for things they really want
  3. Create tasks to help them achieve their goals and learn the valuable lesson that effort = reward
  4. Share these goals with the wider family and friends at special times e.g. birthdays and Christmas
  5. Demonstrate life skills like budgeting, planning, saving, savvy spending plus many more
  6. When the goal is achieved great offers and deals will be available in the 'spend my money' section.

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*Some transactions with PayPal may incur charges for full details click here

About Us

Qwiddle is the brainchild of Vanessa Cameron, former banker and mum of three. Vanessa was motivated to establish Qwiddle following her own personal frustration at the lack of information available, which could help children learn about money in a modern context.

Today's children have been born into a fast changing world; economic, social and technological changes are happening at a frantic rate. Fast moving technology, media coverage, travel opportunities, communication, peer pressure all bring ideas and aspirations to our children. And we know they are going to face bigger money challenges than we have - or indeed than our parents have.

We want Qwiddle to be fun and engaging and (yes!) educational for young people, as well as useful and valued by their mums and dads.

Vanessa Cameron


Vanessa is the founder and Managing Director of Qwiddle. After nearly two decades at Barclays Bank managing and developing people and driving performance, she set up her own business consultancy in 2000, working with a range of organisations from large PLC's including Halifax, Abbey National, Mars Pedigree and GNER through to public sector and SME's.

Her work increasingly focused on helping business leaders and executive teams embrace cultural change, new business models and develop business strategy to achieve success. Two years ago she began to develop the concept, business model, ethos and brand that has become "Qwiddle".

Vanessa has three lively (sometimes lovely!) boys aged 7, 10 and 14, bags of tenacity and drive, and excess energy that she works off in a number of sports (especially tennis and netball).

Steve Gledhill

Steve is Qwiddle's Financial Director. Steve has vast experience in corporate finance, financial planning, coaching & business strategy. He worked in corporate banking for Barclays for many years, leaving to start his own business 7 years ago. He has helped to guide many businesses to success in the SME marketplace, a number from start up phase, and has brought strong leadership and business development skills to this project from an early stage.

Steve has 2 children aged 20 and 22, is a golf-fanatic and part-time football coach.

Darren Morris

Darren joined Qwiddle from Finance Yorkshire to head up the strategic product development for the company, raise investment and manage investor relations. With 15 years experience of working with and supporting technology based start-up's in the region he has previously been involved in a variety of roles in developing and investing in exciting and scalable young businesses.

With an eleven year old son he has first-hand experience of the issues our core users are facing and translates this understanding through the development team into producing the best possible product.

Darren has, at the age of 44 put his running shoes back on and regularly plays squash, albeit quite badly.

Colin Wooldridge

Colin is a Director in the business, after gaining an MBA from London Business School, Colin worked for a mobile telecommunications start-up in the late '90s, finding local partners and initiating operations in several international markets. Since then he has performed a number of senior roles in operations, IT strategy and project management at Telefonica O2.

Colin has two children: a 5 year old gymnastics enthusiast who wants to be a dinosaur when he grows up and an 8 year old who can already play tennis and football better than Colin can - despite Colin being an assistant coach (a.k.a. "cone setter-upper") at a local Under 9s football team.